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Did Netflix Cancel Inside Job? Creator Confirms, Fans Reactions … – San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

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In the last few weeks, Netflix users have been shouting their disappointment at Netflix for canceling 1899 and when things are so heated, the streaming platform has shocked the users again by pulling out another popular show which is Inside Job. The adult animated series by creator Shion Takeuchi won’t be coming to Netflix season 2 for season 2. The creator of the animated series confirmed the news through her Twitter account. 
On her Twitter account, Takeuchi posted a photo that says that she is heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel Inside Job. She has also said that in the last few years, the characters of Inside Job became real people to her and she would have loved to share what was in the store with the audience. Shion Takeuchi also conveyed her gratitude to everyone who watched the show and it helps her to know that there are people who are as sad as her for the characters of Inside Job because of the cancellation of the show.
On her Twitter post, thousands of people have commented how devastated they are to hear the news and they also showed their disappointment towards Netflix for canceling their show. With canceling shows like 1899 and Inside Job, it seems that Netflix is cleaning up its platform.
#renewinsidejob #saveinsidejob please. let them have the ending they deserve
the fact that netflix cancels good and hardworked shows like inside job and just proceed to keep this shit on the air really tells how they work
Apart from conveying the news of the cancellation, Takeuchi or the team of Inside Job didn’t say why Netflix canceled the show. The team of Netflix hasn’t revealed the news of the cancellation either on their social media or through any media. From what Takeuchi has posted, it is evident that the team of the Inside Job series is disappointed with the decision taken by the team of Netflix. The viewers of Inside Job and also many animated series are conveying their disapproval towards Netflix canceling many good animated series after season 1 while renewing not-so-popular animated series for a new season. 

Inside Job is an American adult science fiction animated sitcom series that aired the first part of Season 1 on October 22, 2021, and the second part of the first season on November 18, 2022. Both parts of the series received positive reviews from critics that praised the series for its story, animation, voice acting, and so on.
Inside Job is basically a workplace-animated comedy series where conspiracy theories are considered real. The series centers around an American show government organization which is one of the six organizations that rules the world. The series showcases a tech genius named Reagan and her awkward dysfunctional coworkers who together try to save the world from the hands of villains. 
The season ended on a Cliffhanger. In the last episode of Inside Job, we saw that Reagan, the main character of the series, gets promoted to the top spot. She and her team solve the conspiracy theory. When the audience expected the season had a happy ending, the creator of the series shocked the viewers by showing that a mole had created the Unspoken File from the organization which contains information on every conspiracy theory that the organization has ever committed. 
Inside Job cast has a long list of popular actresses and actors and here are a few of the main voice actors of the show:
Fans of Inside Job are so devastated that her favorite show has been canceled. But they are hoping that some other streaming platform will take up Inside Job and will release the next seasons. On Twitter, the fans have also shared that they are hoping for many more animated series from Shion Takeuchi.
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