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2023 Indie Night Film Festival , Announces Season 11 begins Jan … – PR Web

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Indie Night Film Festival is currently seeking submissions for season 11, which starts Saturday, January 14, at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. It is also currently showing the top 12 festival films of 2022 online through its “Indie Night On-Demand” feature.
Each Saturday, about five short films, trailers, web series episodes or full films are shown at the world’s only weekly film festival.Indie Night, the first and only weekly film festival in the world, was founded a decade ago by Dave Brown, a Morehouse College graduate and veteran in the film industry. He created it as a fun and easy way for industry personnel to network and socialize as well as an opportunity for more independent projects to be screened.This year, Dave Brown and the festival staff are also planning to visit other cities to spread the fun of the festival.
During the middle of the season, the festival will be heading to Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas and few other cities, where they’ll hold a mini festival in each community and invite film students in these areas to submit their work for consideration
Brown and another industry host will also be speaking at colleges in those areas about the film industry and ways to get in the door and have their work seen. They’ll also offer internships for students interested in working for the festival in Hollywood.Over the years, Brown has assembled an impressive network of show business professionals. Some began as festival guests, and some are friends he has made along the way. All of them are excited about the new expanded plans for the festival and are eager to help where they can.
Past guests who have attended and offered their support have included actor Morris Chestnut; actor/singer/producer Jamie Foxx; producer Datari Turner; casting director Robi Reed, and the late John Singleton, the director of “Boyz in the Hood.”Brown appreciates the support of these established entertainers but emphasizes that anyone is welcome to submit their film for a possible showing.
Along with seeking films for the 2023 season, Indie Night is looking for sponsors for individual nights or for the whole season. This will help festival staff continue to provide an incredible, inspiring experience for guests and filmmakers. To learn more about the festival or how to submit films, visit and follow the event on social media at @indienightff
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