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Seo Ye Ji tops new Most Beautiful Women In The World 2022 poll: Here are 6 other celebs who made the list – PINKVILLA

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A new poll about Most Beautiful Women in the World 2022 has been released in which Seo Ye Ji tops the list as several other names such as Suzy and TWICE’s Sana make it to the top 15.
Recently popular polling site KingChoice released a new poll of the Most Beautiful Women in the World 2022. The polling was open for fans for about a month and they had to vote amongst the 100 nominees on whom they find most beautiful. Celebrities from several countries were nominated for the same, which also included Korean actors and K-pop idols.
Here are the seven celebs who made the list of the top fifteen with over 600,000 votes cast.
Seo Ye Ji ranked top in the Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll. She shot to the limelight with her role in ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’. Her character in the television series quickly became a favourite of the people along with winning several accolades. Other television series starring her include ’Lawless Lawyer’, Save Me’, and more. She made a strong comeback with ‘Eve’ which was amongst the highly awaited K-dramas after staying under the radar for a few months.  
Tzuyu was ranked second in Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll and is a member of the Korean girl group TWICE. She has increasingly received attention for her beauty and some people even credit Tzuyu’s visuals as the contributing factor for TWICE’s popularity.. Besides being a member of TWICE, Tzuyu also appeared in several advertisements and brand endorsements.
Jisoo is one of the most loved K-pop idols with a global fan following. She is from BLACKPINK which was founded by YG Entertainment. Kim Jisoo ranked third in the Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll. She is not only a singer and dancer but has also debuted in acting with the leading role in the television series, ‘Snowdrop’. Jisoo has been a trendsetter in the fashion and make-up industry along with being a fashion and beauty ambassador of the luxury brand Dior.
Jisoo recently also launched her solo YouTube Channel on her birthday. Her solo debut song will also be released in 2023.
Lisa is among the well-known celebrities with a huge global following along with being a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK. She was ranked fourth in Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll. Lisa’s solo debut in 2021 earned her an MTV Video Music Award and two Guinness World records. Her solo title tracks, ‘LALISA’ and ‘Money’, earned her entries on Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Hot 100.
Lisa has also been a brand ambassador for various brands given her global following, including MAC, Vivo, Celine, Bulgari, and more. Her genuine authenticity in the partnership with brands has also been praised, which is why Lisa has been used as an example of changing promotional strategies in the cosmetics and fashion industry.
Kim Yoo Jung is also one of the most famous South Korean actresses who debuted at the mere age of four. She has starred in various movies and television series such as ‘Golden Rainbow’, ‘Angry Mom’, ‘Dong Yi’, ‘Secret Door’, ‘Circle of Atonement’, ‘20th Century Girl’, and more. She ranked sixth in the Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll and has been one of Korea’s most powerful celebrities. Kim Yoo Jung has been one of the youngest celebrities to be included on Forbes’ Power Celebrity list.
Sana from TWICE is a South Korea-based singer who is originally from Japan. She is part of the girl group TWICE and ranks eighth in the Most Beautiful Women in the 2022 poll. She debuted in 2015 and quickly shot to fame in both South Korea as well as the world. Sana also released a solo cover of the Japanese band song ‘Sotsugyou’ in 2021 which was highly praised by the audience. Sana’s energetic dance performance and bubbly personality have certainly made her a beloved idol in South Korea.
Bae Suzy ranked 15 in the Most Beautiful Women in 2022 poll, has been known for her roles in television series such as ‘Vagabond’, ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘Anna’, ‘Start Up’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Uncontrollably Fond’, and more. She has also been a member of the Korean girl group Miss A. Suzy has been referred to as CF Queen in South Korea because of several endorsement deals that she has to her name, including Dior. Many Korean idols who also consider Suzy a role model include Yoomin from Melody Day and Nayun from MOMOLAND.
These women have ranked in the top 15 of the ‘Most Beautiful Women in the 2022’ poll. Their incredible work, along with iconic fashion choices, have quickly made them beloved amongst the audience and media. These women have established themselves with their varied talents ranging from singing and acting to dancing. They have certainly created waves in the Korean entertainment industry along with establishing it in the global arena. 
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