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Kokdu: Season of Deity: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything … – MovieWeb

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Kokdu: Season of Deity is an upcoming fantasy Korean drama with an intriguing premise. Here’s what we know so far.
Fans of Korean dramas have been treated to some intriguing series in 2023, like Island, Met You by Chance, and Brain Cooperation, but things are looking up as the year unfolds, with a slew of new titles to look forward to. While fans of Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead, and Hellbound are eager for sequels, it's always a delight to dive into new dramas, particularly those with a fantasy theme, as the genre is immensely popular. Kokdu: Season of Deity is the perfect fantasy drama for those looking to go further into the genre, and it is laden with high expectations.
Kokdu: Season of Deity, an upcoming South Korean television series starring Kim Jung-Hyun and Im Soo Hyang, has been added to the early 2023 Korean drama release schedule. The series, which comes from the writers of Less Than Evil, seems to have a compelling premise and sizzling chemistry between the main leads in store for viewers. With so much to disclose, here's what we know about Kokdu: Season of Deity.
Viki's official website provides a fairly detailed overview of the plot as well as a couple of well-crafted teasers. The story centers around Kokdu (Kim Jung Hyun), a human who lived during Korea's Joseon Dynasty. After his death, the gods turned him into an immortal grim reaper tasked with cruelly punishing human souls every 99 years. During his tenure as the Grim Reaper, he has learned to despise people, and after knowing about their inner demons, he becomes unforgiving and merciless.
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As time passes, he returns to the mortal realm, this time in the body of a young doctor named Do Jin Woo. However, due to the medic's hectic schedule and medical responsibilities, his mission to transfer human souls to the afterlife is compromised. At the same time, he meets Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang), a normal medic who appears to have a peculiar effect on Jin Woo. Could their fates have been intertwined with their previous lives? Can his duties as the Grim Reaper continue unabated, despite being constantly sidetracked by her allure?
The drama has assembled a charming cast to represent the characters as realistically as possible. Male leads Kokdu and Do Jin Woo are played by Kim Jung Hyun. While Kokdu was his primary body during the Joseon period, Do Jin Woo is the one he possesses throughout his encounters with the female lead actress. Kim made his film debut in Overman and went on to win Best New Actor at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards for his work in the historical drama The Rebel. The actor has come a long way since then, with credits including the lauded MyDramaList 9.0/10 entries Crash Landing on You and Mr. Queen.
Im Soo Hyang, who plays the female lead Han Gye Jeol, began her acting career in 2009 with minor roles until rising to prominence with the 2011 television drama New Tales of Gisaeng. Kang Mi Rae in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Jang Jin Joo in Five Enough, and Geum Seok Young in Doctor Lawyer are some of her notable roles. Meanwhile, Kim Da Som and Ahn Woo Yeon will play a significant part in the story as Tae Jung Won and Han Chul, respectively. While fans may have seen the former actress in Dramaworld 2, Was It Love?, and He is Psychometric, the latter has appeared in a variety of popular dramas, including Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, Nice Witch, and Scripting Your Destiny.
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While these four main actors will be in the spotlight throughout the entire sixteen-episode run, here's a look at the supporting cast members: Cha Chung Hwa, Kim In Kwon, Lee Jung Joon, Son So Mang, Choi Kwang II, Kim Young Woong, Woo Hyun, Lee Young Ran, and Oh Young Shil.
The series is directed by the collaborative efforts of Baek Soo Chan and Kim Ji Hoon, with screenwriters Heon Joon Woo and Kang Yi Hun. Interestingly, the main lead, Kim Jung Hyun, previously worked with Ji Hoon in the Check Out the Event drama, and Soo Chan has directed a handful of well-known dramas, including The Girl Who Sees Scents, Beautiful Gong Shim, and Reunited Worlds.
The drama's production was handled by the production companies People Story Company and Story TV, with producers Jeong Chan-Hee, Bae Seon-Hae, Yoo Cheol-Yong, and Jung Gu-Young. The show will air on MBC TV, which is owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, a major distributor in South Korea.
Kokdu: Season of Deity will be released on Viki for international viewers starting on January 27.
When the series began production in September 2022, Lee Ji-Han was cast as the female lead's ex-boyfriend, but he tragically passed away on October 29, 2022, during the Seoul Halloween crowd rush incident. As a result, filming was halted for more than a week, and the MBC cast Lee Jung Hoon in the role of Lee Ji-Han. Perhaps this is why the series, which was planned to debut in late 2022, was later moved back to January 2023. With success, the drama will hopefully pay tribute to the late actor and all the production crew's efforts.
Hanumanth is a new member of the MovieWeb family, having started in September 2022. As a keen admirer of movies and television series, he can't help but share his enthusiastic views with his endearing audiences. When he isn't working, you can find him binge-watching anime, dramas, movies, and anything else that will keep him entertained.


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