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Komparison: Versatile actress Kim Min Jung in ‘The Devil Judge’ vs ‘Mr. Sunshine’ – PINKVILLA

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On this joyous occasion, let’s take a look at Kim Min Jung’s two most famous roles.
Kim Min Jung made her acting debut in 1988, at six years old, in the MBC Best Theater episode Widow. She then starred in numerous television dramas as one of the most in-demand and praised child actresses of her generation. As she grew up, she would become one of a set of Korean child actors who successfully transitioned into adult roles. Kim Min Jung's more notable TV series include ‘Ireland’, ‘Fashion 70's’, ‘New Heart’, ‘Strike Love’, and ‘The Thorn Birds’. She has also appeared in films such as ‘Flying Boys’, ‘Forbidden Quest’, and ‘The Scam’. In 2018, Kim Min Jung was cast in Kim Eun Sook's romance melodrama ‘Mr. Sunshine’.
Mr. Sunshine’ centres around Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun), who was born into slavery in Joseon. After escaping to the United States after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo, he became a Marine Corps officer. Kim Min Jung played the role of Lee Yang Hwa/ Kudo Hina, an influential widow who runs a hotel in Joseon. She was married off to an old, rich Japanese man by her father, Lee Wan Ik. Upon her husband's mysterious death, she inherited the ‘Glory Hotel’ and successfully operated it on her own. Hina is deeply ashamed of her father's misdeeds and reputation and in order to find her mother, she helps Lee Jung Moon in fighting against the Japanese government and the pro-Japanese officials.
Here, she has a tortured soul but maintains her elegance as she comes across various difficult situations in her life. Her sad past allowed her to be a strong woman in the patriarchal world and doesn’t let anybody help her, instead taking matters into her own hands but on the flip side, she is also a child on the outside who wants to find her mother at all costs. 
The Devil Judge’ is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, where people harbor hatred towards their leaders and live in chaos. Trials are held through a courtroom live show aired on television, where three judges come together to bring justice and peace. Here, she took on the role of Jung Sun Ah, Yo Han's (Ji Sung) greatest rival. She was born in a low-income family and used to be a servant in Yo Han's mansion, but now works for the Social Responsibility Foundation (SRF) and holds enough power to influence the leaders of society.
In this drama, she is outright a confident and evil woman. She wants to reach the top and doesn’t let anything or anybody stop her. She saw poverty and discrimination from a young age and had an iron-clad resolve to be the most influential person in the country, by hook or by crook- which she was ultimately able to achieve by trapping people and making the most influential people the pawns of her game. 
The differences between the two characters are poles apart- Lee Yang Hwa also went through a lot of problems but didn’t let that change her values or her perspective on life. She was graceful, elegant and a strong woman whereas Jung Sun Ah is also elegant and gorgeous but as they say ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, which applies to her. 
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