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Madhuri Dixit reflects on Bollywood journey: Today, actors can be completely consumed by a movie they're doing – PINKVILLA

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Madhuri Dixit is currently working on her debut album, The Film Star. In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, the actress reflected on her Bollywood journey over the years.
Madhuri Dixit ruled the charts and box office back in the day. The actress, on her return from the US, has successfully ventured into new projects which also included a Netflix web series titled The Fame Game this year. At the moment, she is working on her debut album, The Film Star. In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, the actress reflected on her Bollywood journey over the years. 
Commenting on how things have drastically changed, Madhuri said, "Every generation has different difficulties of being a film star. When we started, this industry was very disorganised. It was not organised at all like the way shootings used to happen, like films used to take a year and a half to seven years sometimes to make. Nothing was planned. We just knew what the story was going to be. But we didn’t know the dialogues or when it was being shot. It was all very haphazard. However, we used to still make good firms." 
She added that today the process of filmmaking is extremely systematic. "Every project has a budget, we know how many days they’re going to shoot. The script is ready, your look is ready, the costumes are ready. The preparation is there. And then we go into it." Madhuri added that actors have a huge benefit in this kind of setup and women are omnipresent on film sets.
"They (actors) can be completely consumed by the movie they are doing. We used to do like three or five films at the same time. So, we used to be busy doing double or triple shifts in a day. Today, it is much more organised. When we went for outdoor shoots, we didn’t have vans or anything. That was another difficulty at that time. As a woman, when we used to walk on the set, the only women in the room used to be me, my co-stars, and hairdressers. That’s it. Now, when I walk on a set, there are women everywhere in all the departments who made strides, whether it’s photography, or the camera person or the DOP. Women are everywhere, which is amazing, to see writers, directors doing such brilliant work," Madhuri added.

Apart from her work onscreen, Madhuri also makes noise on social media for her fun reels. Commenting on the same, Madhuri said, "I love doing the reels. I enjoy doing them because I feel it’s an extension of what I do. It also depends on how you look at it. For me, it is just another avenue to express myself. It’s up to you, how much you actually want to say and how much you know, understand people respect that."
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