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Who Are ‘SASAENGS’? The Wrath Of 'Korean Obsession' ! – Lehren

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As much as fans love their idols and support them, some, on the other hand, have gone far past the limit of what is called a ‘healthy fan-idol relationship’ with their below-the-belt behaviors. Read to know more!
BTS as a band enjoys the most loyal fan base across the globe, kudos to them for constantly supporting them and loving them unconditionally. But often, some of the fans have done certain things, willingly or unwillingly, but the boys are in vulnerable positions. Some of these obsessive fans have even put the boys into trouble, making other fans furious, like the recent incident at the Grammy awards, when singer V’s pictures surfaced on the internet making ARMYs uncomfortable and angry at the same time. While in the image that is viral right now, the 26-year-old can be seen smoking.
Many felt that it was indeed a very private moment and that even public figures should be given the privacy that they rightly deserve, others blamed ‘Sasaengs’ for these wrongdoings. For the unversed, a ‘Sasaeng’ in the K-Pop world is an obsessive fan who stalks and engages in other behavior consulting an invasion of the privacy of Korean actors, K-Pop idols, and other celebrities. While many Korean celebrities have shared their experiences of dealing with such obsessive fans, BTS too, have had their own share of such scary experiences. Other than facing criticisms and backlashes, dealing with such obsessive fans definitely tops their list of hardships.
In Korean culture, such fans are called Sasaengs because of their ability to even hurt their favorite idols physically, just to grab their attention. As crazy as it may sound, it’s perhaps, a harsh reality and thus, many famous celebrities like the global superstars BTS, hire their own set of bodyguards to keep themselves safe. Below are listed, the crazy times when Sasaengs made crazy and unpleasant experiences for the idols and fans too.
1. Leaking information no one is supposed to know
one time, a fan released the entire schedule of the band’s music video on a Facebook post, where the fan even leaked where the boys were headed for the shoot and even the time of the shoot.
2. Forced a kiss on Min Yoongi
Yoongi, who popularly goes by his stage name Suga, was once a part of such a horrific experience himself when an obsessed fan tried to get too close to him publicly, and even tried to force a kiss. Even being touched without your consent feels so inappropriate, this was almost on the verge of harassment, we can only imagine how uncomfortable that must have made Suga.
3. Jungkook received a phone call
This one time, on one of his V-Live sessions, Jungkook had received a phone call from a sasaeng, it’s still a mystery how their numbers these fans manage to get their phone numbers. As scary as it may sound, the maknae of the group further revealed how he, in such instances, directly blocks such numbers.
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