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Are BTS' V and BLACKPINK's Jennie Dating? –

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By Ashley Turner
K-pop fans are honing their detective skills after rumors circulated online that K-pop stars BTS‘ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were recently vacationing in Jeju Island of South Korea. This led to many believing that the two artists were dating and enjoying time together.
A fan shared a photo of what appeared to be V driving a car along with Jennie sitting in the passenger seat on May 23. Some Korean fans have said that they spotted V and Jennie heading to Jeju on cheap flights to avoid obsessive fans and on Jeju itself. Fans of both artists claim the photo is edited and not real. Some also insist the photo was taken from his drive with fellow member J-Hope during BTS‘ BTS In the Soop show last year and is not brand new. The BTS member was also recently on Jeju island, as others have noted that also Jennie recently visited there.
the picture is real its not edited…jennie has the same glasses and armys are lying and spreading a picture from a different day where taehyung is wearing a different shirt glasses and his hair is different too😭 i think taehyung may have gone to paris with jennie?
The artists’ respective agencies were contacted for comments regarding the rumors. BTS’ agency BIGHIT MUSIC declined to comment, whereas BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment said, “We have nothing to say [regarding the rumors].” They added, “We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”
Fans previously speculated that the two were in a relationship after discovering that V “accidentally followed” Jennie on Instagram. Furthermore, Jennie is rumored to have recently ended her relationship with K-pop icon, Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Dispatch, Korean celebrity news and gossip outlet released an exclusive report revealing the two were in a relationship on February 24, 2021. Dispatch typically exposes a major K-entertainment couple’s dating “scandal” as a somewhat annual event. 
However, in light of his new dating rumors with Jennie, some are now accusing V of insulting G-Dragon on social media. On May 2, V posted a picture of a withered daisy on his social media without any captions. The photo didn’t receive much attention until the dating rumors emerged because daisies are G-Dragon’s symbol.
GD uses the daisy flower as a logo and signature for his brand Peace Minus One and has picked daisies as his favorite flower several times in the past. It is rumored that V’s picture is taking a shot at G-Dragon, who may have also responded to V by changing his public SNS profile picture to a “middle finger” on May 24.  
The K-pop online fandom is already alight with wild theories, assumptions, and carefully constructed timelines. This is not Jennie’s first K-pop “dating scandal” – she previously went public on January 1, 2019, after exposing her relationship with EXO boyband member Kai. The pair announced they had broken up on January 25, 2019.
Some fans find the radio silence from all sides unusual because of this. However, because of the massive size and activity from both BTS and BLACKPINK fans (with animosity to spare), many are very interested in the resulting fallout if the rumors are confirmed.
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