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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey: Delnaaz Irani opens up about her character 'Goli Bua' in the show – PINKVILLA

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Delnaaz Irani reveals what attracted her to take up the role of ‘Goli bua’ in the show.
Delnaaz Irani was very apprehensive before taking up the role of Goli Bua in 'Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey', but the actress now says that the role has eventually worked out very well and she loves being part of the show.
"When the show initially started, I was very apprehensive to play a bua or chachi because it gets very typical in a daily soap. But I was categorically told that 'Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey' is a very different show. It's a family drama and every character holds equal importance. It is not only about the main leads because usually what happens in a daily soap, the story is all about the main lead and the supporting artistes are left with no meat."
"So, I didn't want to play something like that. In fact, I didn't want to do TV as such because of these kinds of roles. I was waiting for the right opportunity where I got to do a non-comedy role, something which really inspires me and Goli bua was one such character who has a very strong presence in the show," she says.
Talking about the character, she adds: "She has always been a disciplinarian. She is loved in the family by all but she has a certain strike of strictness about her. These are all quirks to be very strict and at the same time be very loving. So, these were the kind of things that really attracted me to the role."
But, at times, there were issues with how the character graph was shaping up and Delnaaz did question her decision.
"It started off very well but, like a typical daily soap, everything revolves around TRPs here as well. So, there were times when there were ups and downs in the show and the character. At times, I probably felt somewhere that I had nothing to do. In fact, my track started and then they diverted back to some other track. So, there were dejections."
"There was a point where I felt like, 'Have I made the right decision?' But I spoke to my creative and producers and they made me feel better. They said, 'We have taken you for a reason, Delnaaz and we will definitely do justice to your character.' So being in a daily soap I think even I understand that makers go through a lot," she says.
However, gradually things fell in place. "They have to keep shifting, changing and trying out various things and that is what was happening in between and now ultimately Goli has a full-fledged track which is coming. It is her love track. Her lover is coming back after 15 years and see if she will accept him or his proposal," she says.
Talking about the current track, she adds: "The current track is this where her lover i.e Pratyush comes after 15 years. He comes with the proposal of marriage. The family is stunned. Of course, she is angry because she has been told that he is married and he has a child but obviously everything is revealed in a couple of episodes that there is a major misunderstanding."
Talking about the upcoming wedding, she says: "Eventually Goli will get married to Pratyush. Of course, my reaction to that as a character is that I'm totally blessed to do a completely different role. It's high drama, high emotions, everything is about Goli. So, I'm loving this whole part. And of course, the funniest bit is that Percy is very dissatisfied because he said, 'You're getting married in a show but you can't get married to me!'"
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