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When is the Alchemy of Souls season finale on Netflix? – Netflix Life

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TAIWAN, CHINA – NOVEMBER 28: (CHINA MAINLAND OUT)Jae-wook Lee who famous for ¡°Extraordinary You¡± came to Taiwan to hold fan meeting conference by the invitation of iqiyi Taiwan on 28 November, 2019 in Taipei,Taiwan,China.(Photo by TPG/Getty Images)
Alchemy of Souls premiered on June 18 and quickly became a fan favorite Korean series on Netflix along with Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Like most K-Dramas on Netflix, new episodes of Alchemy of Souls are released twice a week. With the release of every new episode, you’re left on the edge of your seat because of the shocking cliffhangers. And now, as we’re nearing the last episode of the season, people are wondering when they can expect the season finale to drop on Netflix. As always, that’s no problem for us!
Alchemy of Souls is a fantasy series helmed by Park Joon-hwa from scripts written by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran. It’s about a powerful mage who becomes accidentally trapped in a blind woman’s body. One day she encounters a man from a noble family and becomes his servant while secretly teaching him how to fight.
There is a total of 20 episodes in the first season. Additionally, the cast lineup is made up of some well-known South Korean actors, such as Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, Park Sang-hoon, Go Yoon-jung, Gu Yoo-jung, Moon Seong-hyun, and many others.
After the premiere, new episodes were typically released every Saturday and Sunday. But the show decided to take a one-week break after the release of episodes 15 and 16, which moved around the scheduled release dates for episodes 17 and 18 to Aug. 20 and Aug. 21. So what does this mean for the season finale?
As of Aug. 18, there aren’t scheduled release dates for episodes 19 and 20. However, we don’t foresee the show taking another break. So episodes 19 and 20 will most likely be released on Netflix the following Saturday and Sunday, which are Aug. 27 and Aug. 28. This would mean the Alchemy of Souls season finale will drop on Netflix on Aug. 28.
Remember, this is only a prediction and the season finale could come earlier or later than what we predicted. We’ll definitely let you know once the Alchemy of Souls season finale release date is scheduled. But for now, expect the season finale to arrive on Netflix on Aug. 28.
Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more information on Alchemy of Souls and other K-Dramas!
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