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MP: Indore ‘lingers’ in the minds of Liger stars – Free Press Journal

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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Indore is a heart-warming city that welcomes people with open arms, making it quite homely to its visitors, claimed Vijay Deverakonda, and Ananya Pandey, the star duo during their visit to the city to promote their upcoming film Liger. Being a superstar of Telugu films, Vijay certainly did not expect people to identify him in the city. He said, “I thought that as it is my first visit to the city, people here would not recognise me and I might have to introduce myself. But as soon as we landed, we received immense love and tenderness from the people of the city.” Ananya Pandey, said, “I have been to the city twice, and it never fails to welcome me with the same love and always gives me something to remember about it.”
While talking about the rising fan craze with the film industry in the south, Vijay said, “I believe that the entire film industry is one of its kinds and now it has reached the stage where the industries will be collectively called Indian Cinema. There are films that people love irrespective of the language and it really matters. The script, the acting, the genre and representation is all that matters the most while considering a film and in my opinion, now is the time where we all can say that Indian films belong to the Indian Film Industry.”
When asked about the language of the film, both the actors claimed that learning a language is difficult but it should never become a barrier as an actor and an artist should be able to mould with different genres. Ananya Pandey said, “My focus remains on the script and also on the genre which is served to perform. If I ever get a Japanese film offer or Thai, Korean or Spanish I won’t mind exploring as it is important for me to perform.
Poha a mandatory dish, whenever anyone visits Indore
Ananya Pandey said that she loves the poha of the city, which is also one of the most famous street food of the city. Both the actors were served poha and other famous food items, Vijay said, “The food here is for sure so famous, as it has the best of the tastes I’ve ever had.”
Achievements are always a result of struggle
Vijay said that during his training period, he visited Thailand to learn mixed martial arts and has been recovering from the injuries he got while shooting action scenes for the film. Ananya on the other hand said that sometimes mental exhaustion could be caused by the so-called meme market, but one has to always overcome and let slide off the things.


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