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Korean Actors With Stunning Monolids: Park Seo Joon, Gong Yoo, More – Kdramastars

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Amid the rise of plastic surgery and stars opting to enhance their features, these K-drama actors embraced their unique traits, especially their monolids. 
Fortunately, cosmetic companies and fashion industries are taking notice of this striking trait common to Asians. Thanks to Kpop and South Korean beauty trends, monolids are gaining popularity right now. 
Whether it’s feline-like to hooded eyelids, we often see Kdrama stars flaunting their natural beauty. 
From Gong Yoo to Woo Do Hwan, these 5 Korean actors look sexy, rocking their Asian eyelids. 
Fans of all ages swoon over Gong Yoo’s stunning visuals.
Apart from his undeniable charm and astounding skills in acting, his tantalizing monolid eyes are very expressive, especially when he portrays characters like his role in “Goblin,” playing Goryeo’s unbeatable general Kim Shin and the doting father Seok Woo in the blockbuster hit movie “Train to Busan.”

The “Itaewon Class” star not only boasts perfect-looking skin, but Park Seo Joon mesmerizes fans with his oozing charm with his “gentle appearance.”
Interestingly, fans would get to see him outside of K-drama, landing a role for MCU’s “The Marvels” with Brie Larson. 
Rumor has it that Park Seo Joon will be portraying Amadeus Cho for his Hollywood debut. 
Making it to the list is Park Seo Joon’s fellow Woo Squad member, Choi Woo Shik. 
Aside from his beautiful monolids, the actor’s smiling face makes him more attractive; this is also the reason why beauty brands love him. 
Top companies have selected Choi Woo Shik to represent their brand. It includes Fresh Beauty Korea, clothing brand Project M and collaboration with Louis Vuitton. 
A list of sexy Kdrama actors with monolid features will not be complete without Woo Do Hwan. 
His feline-like eyes surely make girls swoon over his mysterious yet captivating looks. 
Interestingly, the actor recently returned from his military service and is gearing up for upcoming activities. 
Woo Do Hwan’s new drama will be Netflix’s “Bloodhounds.”
The action noir K-drama also includes Lee Sang Yi from “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” and Kim Sae Ron from “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim.”
In addition, he is also set to headline the cast of “Joseon Lawyer” with WJSN’s Bona. 
Last but definitely not least is Ryu Joon Yeol. 
Like Woo Do Hwan, this “Reply 1988” star also boasts striking feline-like eyelids, making him look more mysterious. 
His deep gaze instantly melts everyone’s heart, especially when he smiles. 
Fans could catch Ryu Joon Yeol’s charm in the upcoming K-drama “Money Game,” which stars singer-actress IU, Park Jung Min, and “The World of the Married” star Park Hae Joon.
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