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Korean Celebrities With Famous Nicknames: Lee Min Ho, Bae Suzy, More – Kdramastars

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Fans give Korean celebrities specific nicknames to express admiration and love for the actors and actresses. 
They referenced it based on the star’s personality, actions they did, or what they are known for. 
From IU, Lee Seung Gi, to Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy, here are the famous nicknames of some of your favorite Kdrama stars. 
There’s no doubt why the Hallyu star gained the moniker “King of Rich Man.” it is because Lee Min Ho often portrays wealthy characters in Kdrama. 
Interestingly, he recently played Ko Hansu in “Pachinko.” In the eight-part episode series, Hansu was a wealthy fish broker who fell love at first sight with Sunja, played by Kim Min Ha. 
Apart from Lee Min Ho’s “Pachinko,” he starred in a slew of series and films, playing almost similar characters. 

In his claim to fame in Kdrama, “Boys Over Flower,” the Hallyu star took the role of Goo Joon Pyo, a wealthy high school student who is also the leader of a group known as F4. 
Adding to the list of Lee Min Ho’s rich Kdrama characters are “The Heirs,” “Legends of the Blue Sea,” and “The King: Eternal Monarch.”
Although many actresses have been called by this title, it was IU who held the Nation’s Little Sister nickname for over a decade. 
It was after the singer-actress entered showbiz at the age of 15 and has captivated millions of fans worldwide with her talent and charm. 
In addition, she was also called Nation’s Sweetheart because of her kindness to fans and people around her and generosity to various charities. 
While IU served as the nation’s little sister, Yeo Jin Goo is her counterpart, earning the title of nation’s little brother. 
Before becoming one of Hallyu’s in-demand male leads, he started out as a child star playing younger versions of lead stars. 
Aside from being an entertainment industry’s triple threat, Lee Seung Gi is also known as “um-chin-ah” or your mother’s friend’s son. 
The actor got this moniker because of his image and her skills. 
As mentioned, he is not just an all-rounder, which means he can sing, act, and host, but he is also undeniably charming and good-looking. 
According to an outlet, he once spoke about being called “um-chin-ah.”
He tells Star 1 magazine that he “never once tried to create the ‘um-chin-ah’ image,” adding, “I also never tried to change my image on purpose either,” said the singer. “I just show myself as I am. I think that is one of my merits.”
Making it in the list of Korean celebrities with famous nicknames given by fans is Bae Suzy. 
The singer-actress is often referred to as Nation’s first love because she made her debut as a singer at an early age. 
At 15, she was launched as one of the members of the girl group Miss A and transitioned into acting with her first Kdrama “Dream High.”
She managed to sustain the sweet and innocent image with roles like “While You Were Sleeping” and “Start-Up.”
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