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CoinRunners NFTs: Bringing Hollywood Movies to the Blockchain –

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If you're cool with the idea of watching Will Smith finally win an Oscar as an actor, chances are you would consider being on a Hollywood movie set holding an NFT to the film to be more than cool.

The ‘CoinRunners’ movie, an autobiographical film by experienced and renowned cryptocurrency trader Lisa N Edwards, is creating a new utility concept within the NFT industry and a Hollywood bestseller.


The film has launched a collection of 15,000 NFTs to raise the necessary funds to complete the project and cover scheduled filming, granting its holders the possibility of having access to the film set or participating in exclusive AMAs with real Hollywood stars.

In addition, these NFTs backing the film allow you to obtain extra income from the royalties of the film, an unprecedented event in the industry for lovers of the seventh art.

The story, written by popular influencer Lisa N Edwards, is set to highlight the volatility and excitement of the growing cryptocurrency market, paying homage to predecessors like ‘The Big Short’, ‘Molly's Game’, and ‘A Star is Born’ the former two also based on the rise of lead characters in high-risk investment markets.
Although it seems like a utopia for many students and novice filmmakers, going to Hollywood and participating in a real movie set can be a reality thanks to the CoinRunners Movie NFT.

By purchasing a movie NFT and keeping it in your wallet without custody, you could be granted exclusive access to the film set, which could mean a great opportunity and unique experience, especially for those interested in making a career in Hollywood.

“Collect the Super Rare NFTs
~ get an invite to the premiere screening of COINRUNNERS”

The official website of the film outlines the opportunity: “Collect the Super Rare NFTs and get an invite to the premiere screening of COINRUNNERS”, indicating the power and exclusivity of these unique NFTs.
Coinrunners Movie NFTs are generated on the Ethereum blockchain-based on 9 attributes and 30+ traits, generating a unique and exclusive design for each holder between Common and Legendary. Once all the NFTs have been minted, they will be revealed.

Acquiring an NFT of this film is so simple and can be done in two steps:

1.- Get a Metamask wallet and fund it with some ETH.
2.- Mint your NFT by connecting your wallet with the official website from here:

The Coinrunners Movie NFT has a number of unique attributes beyond the digitization traits that allow it to be classified into various categories: Common, Rare, Legendary, Super Rare and Uncommon.


Let's look at some of its strengths from a utility standpoint:

When you see the team behind the film, the first impression is that they are a highly professional team that has combined the best of both worlds: crypto and Hollywood.

Lisa, in addition to being an accomplished trader, has extensive experience in the film industry, achieving some important milestones in her career as a writer and producer.


Trained at NIDA, Lisa has worked on thousands of films, TV series and commercials as the former owner and Talent Agent of VisionsMCP in Melbourne. She's written 3 novels in the Can`t Fight Fate Series, 2 TV series and 3 feature films including this one, 'CoinRunners'.

“The response we have already seen from the community has been amazing. I have connected with old names and faces again and have also met a lot of new people. I am nervous but excited to see my dream come true. It was especially emotional to look through the NFTs of the storyboard as it describes the true story of Coinrunners in incredible detail", Lisa told Cointelegraph in October of last year when asked about expectations from the release of this collection of NFTs.

For her part, Janet Jeffries (Script Development) is another highly experienced and recognized talent in the film industry. As an Adjunct Professor at National University (Los Angeles), she has spent the last 15 years training and teaching Hollywood's best writers.

Janet is currently head of script development for Lawrence Bender Productions, an independent feature film company in Los Angeles, working with several independent financiers and sales companies.

Recent films include the animated short film 'Cops and Robbers', streaming on Netflix and the feature film 'Capone' starring Tom Hardy. Just wrapped is the Netflix original feature 'The Harder They Fall' directed by Jeymes Samuel.

Production will be handled by Lawrence Bender Productions, an independent feature film company in Los Angeles, which has been working with several independent financiers and sales companies.

Lawrence Bender's credits also include the films ‘Greta’, ‘Hacksaw Ridge‘, Martin Scorsese's film ‘Silence’, ’Good Will Hunting’, ’An Inconvenient Truth’, ’Pulp Fiction’, and ‘Inglorious Basterds’.
According to the roadmap of the film project focused on cryptocurrencies and with financing support by collecting funds through the sale of its NFTs, Coinrunners plans to confirm the actors and actresses for the movie this quarter, in order to start production by the middle of 2022.

With an ongoing collection of NFTs as part of the project's funding, ‘Coinrunners’ is expanding the horizons of this sector by engaging one of the most iconic entertainment industries, cinema.

In addition, the fact that the project gives part of its royalties to the holders of NFTs from the collection behind the film is undoubtedly a remarkable and innovative approach to film financing that is creating a precedent in royalties sharing in the seventh art; demonstrating that blockchain technology is revolutionizing the traditional way of interacting between cinema and its fans, beyond the screens.
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