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'Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area' Part 2: What the Teaser With Captain Cha Moo-hyuk Means – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is a K-drama remake of the hit Spanish series. A few tweaks were made to fit a South Korean setting, but it still embodied the storyline of a group of thieves who set out to pull off the ultimate heist. The K-drama was divided into two parts, with the first half ending on a dynamic cliffhanger. Netflix’s 2022 Tudum Korea event released a preview teaser of Money Heist: Korea Part 2 with the return of a lead character.
Like the original series, the thieves are up against a group of special agents. In the K-drama, actor Kim Sung-oh plays the role of Captain Cha Moo-hyuk, a former special agent from North Korea. Seeing as North and South Korea have become one in the Joint Economic Area, he is brought in to help Seon Woo-jin, played by Kim Yun-jin. She is a crisis negotiator from South Korea.
As the K-drama progresses, Moo-hyuk proves to be a lot to handle with his own agenda. While working the case, he still answers to his superiors in North Korea, creating turmoil. Along the way, he starts to put the pieces together of who the Professor (Yoo Ji-tae) is. He even starts to question the man who has gotten close to Woo-jin.
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In the finale of Money Heist: Korea, Moo-hyuk is seen visiting the man’s cafe under the suspicion that he could be the Professor. The teaser for Money Heist: Korea Part 2 from Netflix’s Tudum Korea event shows Moo-hyuk as a down-and-dirty agent.
Audiences first met Moo-hyuk wearing glasses, facial hair and looking more worn out. But if speculation is correct, the teaser for Money Heist: Korea Part 2 shows a younger and refreshed version of Moo-hyuk.
In the teaser, he and a group of his agents hunt down a nameless man through the busy streets. When Moo-hyuk has him cornered after a fight, the man calls him “comrade.” The man seems to be a traitor and once worked with Moo-hyuk.
While weak, the man tells Moo-hyuk, “The time of division has come to an end. I heard higher-ups have already made their decision. People like us are just discarded after being used.”
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Moo-hyuk looks angered by his words, knowing what they mean. Fulfilling his mission, he uses a construction rope and remote to lift and strangle the man. The teaser for Money Heist: Korea Part 2 does not give anything away, but fans can speculate.
In the first half of the K-drama, there were many flashbacks to help unravel the characters’ backstory and the heist. While fans know a lot about Woo-jin and her past, fans know almost nothing about Moo-hyuk.
The teaser for Money Heist: Korea Part 2 may well be a flashback to help flesh out Moo-hyuk’s backstory and involvement before the joining of North and South Korea. It would explain the younger appearance of the character. If the theory is true, it also explains why the unknown man explained that the countries would soon no longer be divided.
The teaser on Netflix’s official YouTube page is captioned, “The Joint Task Force tightens its grip, as the genius heist team unravels its plan.” The caption is obscure and can mean anything regarding the K-drama’s timeline. In the K-drama, the Joint Task Force involves Moo-hyuk and Woo-jin as they negotiate with the heist team.
With Money Heist: Korea Part 2 having no official premiere date, fans will have to wait and see. The most fans can do is speculate where the new installment will begin, based on the original series.
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