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Jamie Lee Curtis has awkward interaction backstage at Late Late Show –

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Jamie Lee Curtis was left shocked after a backstage interaction with Ryan Tubridy, where she thought he had inquired about her being celibate.
The Hollywood actress, best known for her role in the Halloween franchise, was lost in translation on Friday night, with herself and Tubs cracking up over the miscommunication.
Jamie was over in the Emerald Isle to promote her new film Halloween Ends; the forthcoming instalment of the long-running horror saga.
Ryan Tubridy and Jamie Lee Curtis found themselves in an awkward situation on Friday night, when a mix-up of words had the pair discussing Jamie’s sex life.
Congratulating the actress on recently officiating her daughters wedding, Ryan was left red-faced when Jamie thought he was asking if she was celibate.
Despite being incredibly awkward, the interaction made for great TV, with viewers in stitches at the miscommunication.
‘We have word issues you and me, cause you called me a celebrant, and I said “I’m celibate?”‘ the actress hilariously remarked, referring to the cultural language barrier between the pair.
I thought it was very forward of you to ask me if I’m celibate…I didn’t know if you were coming on to me,’ Jamie laughed.
It quickly became clear that Ryan had been inquiring about Jamie’s recent role, officiating her daughter’s wedding, with the term celebrant not commonly used in the USA.
The confusion continued as Jamie misheard Ryan once again, commenting; ‘You said “No, you’re a celebrant”, and I said “Yes, I’m celebrating. I’m very happy. The movies is going to be a big hit”.’
Once the issue was cleared up, the Hollywood actress had a bone to pick with the Irish vocabulary, adamant that the word celebrant was completely unnecessary.
‘It’ just the wrong word. I’m so sorry. I like you guys, you’re incredibly nice, but it’s the wrong word,’ Jamie added, with a red-faced Ryan laughing off the mishap.
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