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Hollywood Gossip: Tom Cruise's misson love; hunt for Mrs Cruise is on – Emirates 24|7

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Tom Cruise’s team is helping him find a girlfriend.
The ‘Mission: Impossible’ star – who has been divorced three times – has enlisted the help of his close associates to find him a new lady.
A source shared to US’ OK! magazine: "Tom was nervous about dating after the controversy over his previous ‘search’ for a wife, but he’s tired of being alone."

The 52-year-old actor – who has previously been married to Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers – caused controversy in 2012 when it was revealed he used an ‘audition process’ to find a suitable wife.

In recent months, Tom has been linked to a number of stars including Miranda Kerr.
An insider said at the time: "Since last November, when they were introduced at a private dinner in London, Tom hasn’t been able to get Miranda out of his mind!"
Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Martin – real deal

When you see Chris Martin slathering sunblock on Gwyneth Paltrow you are thinking are they back?
But when you see Chris Martin spending his Easter Sunday with Jennifer Lawrence you know which one is the real deal.
Holding hands, private lunch, romantic date, whispering sweet nothings are all in the menu for this couple.

TMZ reports that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin reunited in NYC over Easter weekend, and then boarded a private plane together on Sunday, April 5, out of the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

(Getty Images)
They hadn’t been seen together since the end of January and there were reports the two broke up, but it seems they’re still tight.
Chris and Gwyneth’s divorce is full steam ahead. A private mediator is working with them on a custody and property settlement.
Selena Gomez ‘freaking out’ over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is ‘freaking out’ at the thought of Justin Bieber writing tracks about their split.
The 22-year-old singer is said to be worried her former boyfriend will use his heartbreak as inspiration for songs for his new album.
A source told "Selena is really worried that Justin is going to write about her in his new music. She’s freaking out that he’s going to diss her.

"They barely speak and she doubts he’s going to let her listen to his music before it’s released."
Meanwhile, Justin recently revealed he scrapped a whole album worth of music because his "whole direction" had changed since he penned those songs.

He said: "My whole direction has changed. What you are thinking about all the time is what you write, and now that I’m thinking about more positive things, it completely changes my music. I had to re-do my whole album. It was done but it didn’t match up to where I am now and where my head’s at.
"I want to tell my story, but I also want to give people hope. I lost hope for a while, I was in a dark place, but it’s about getting out of that rut. It’s about knowing there’s sunshine on the other side."
Paul Walker’s daughter doing well
Tyrese Gibson says his friend Paul Walker’s daughter is in a "great space" and is focusing on her studies and her friendships in the wake of her father’s death.


The ‘Fast and Furious’ actor’s only child Meadow was just 15 when he passed away in a car accident in November 2013, but she is slowly getting her life back on track, having moved from her grandmother Cheryl Walker’s house to a home she shares with her mother Rebecca Soteros.

Paul’s ‘Fast and Furious 7’ co-star Tyrese Gibson said: "She’s really in a great space. She’s really focused on her education and just spending a lot of quality time with her friends. That brings her a lot of joy."

After Paul’s death, his brothers Cody and Caleb stepped in to complete his role in the latest movie in the action franchise, and Tyrese has hailed them as his new "heroes".

(Getty Images)

He told People magazine: "It could not have been easy for [Cody and Caleb] … to step in for their brother who we just lost.

"I have a bunch of new heroes from being a part of this project. It feels like the most beautiful sending off you’ll ever see."

Meanwhile, Cody is thrilled with the finished film and now counts the cast as "family".

He said: "I’m so happy with it. I think Paul would be proud.

"I’ve known some of [the cast] for the last 15 years, but not at this level. I’ve just tripled my family in the last year."
Jamie Dornan confesses stalking woman
Jamie Dornan found it "exciting" to stalk a woman off a train to prepare for his role of serial killer Paul Spector in ‘The Fall’.

The 32-year-old actor wanted to "get inside" his character in ‘The Fall’, serial killer Paul Spector, so followed someone when she got off a train and admits he found the experience thrilling, albeit "dirty".

He confessed: "The first series, I did do a couple of things to try to get inside [his mind]. On the tube, which is our underground system…

Can we get arrested for this? Hold on…this is a really bad reveal: I, like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that.


"It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way."

Though Jamie – who has four-month-old daughter Dulcie with wife Amelia Warner – insists he isn’t "proud" of his actions, he found the experience valuable in his research for the drama.

He added in an interview with the Los Angeles Times newspaper: "I’m sort of not proud of myself. But I do honestly think I learned something from it, because I’ve obviously never done any of that. It was intriguing and interesting to enter that process of ‘What are you following her for?’ and ‘What are you trying to find out?’"

Jamie has previously admitted he is concerned about how "comfortable" he feels playing characters like Spector and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ kinky businessman Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner (AP)

He has said: "It kinda worries me sometimes how comfortable I am in that zone,

"I consider myself quite light-hearted, pretty easy-going, and I keep playing sick psychopath b*****ds!"
Why David Beckham trimmed his beard
David Beckham trimmed his beard down because his wife Victoria Beckham told him she wouldn’t kiss him until he did.

(Getty Images)

The retired soccer superstar had been sporting very thick facial hair but decided to reduce his facial hair due to the prospect of the kissing ban.

He said: "I was in Miami and Victoria actually saw the picture and was like, ‘There’s no way I’m kissing you unless you shave that off.’ I left it for a day, and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to have to do it.’ "

Despite the 40-year-old fashion designer disliking his bushy beard, David, 39, has admitted his children – Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10 and Harper, three – really loved it.

(Getty Images)

Showing off his new look on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, he said: "The kids loved it actually, my little girl would just sit there and mess around with it. That was the end of it."

And it’s not the only advice he takes from Victoria as David previously admitted he lets her dress him "99.9 per cent of the time."

(Getty Images)

He previously said: "The best fashion advice Victoria has probably given me is not to wear something. She’s told me quite often because honesty is important when you’re in a relationship.

"She’s very honest, and she doesn’t like what I’m wearing, she tells me straight. She gives me advice because her vision of fashion is marvellous and her business is going great. I listen to her advice 99 per cent of the time."
Why (and where) Antonio Banderas bans phones
Antonio Banderas "forbids" people from bringing mobile phones to his house when he is hosting a dinner party.


The 54-year-old actor only purchased his first mobile three years ago but prefers not to take it out and about, and he particularly cannot stand it when people are texting or surfing the web on their gadgets during meal times.

He said: "I forbid people to come to my house to have dinner with their phones.

"You can have six people and it may happen at some point that six of them are tapping at the same point.
(Getty Images)

"I’m like, ‘Hello guys, I’m here, this is crazy!

"I only bought my first cellphone three years ago. I didn’t even bring it today. I left it at the house.

(Getty Images)

"The fast pace of life produces a certain fear in me."

The ‘Puss in Boots’ star also despises it when people use a selfie stick – an extendable metal device on which a smartphone or camera is placed that enables people to take a photograph of themselves beyond their arm range – insisting the monopods are "dangerous".

(Getty Images)

When asked what scares him about technology, he told Metro newspaper: "The selfie stick. That was the item in Spain last Christmas.

"Look how dangerous and ego-trippy that is!

"We don’t know what are going to be the secondary effects of the technological festival we’re living our days in."
Rita Ora’s worst, Selena’s Bieber roast secret
Rita Ora is reportedly wishing the "worst" for her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and his rumoured new girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The pair have sparked rumours they are dating after they were seen doing some shopping together and hanging out at a concert, which is something that has reportedly left the ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ hitmaker – who dated the DJ until last year – fuming.

A source told "She has bad blood with Calvin and he doesn’t have any fondness for her either.

"Rita is glad that he is not her problem anymore and wishes them both the worst."

The 24-year-old singer is believed to have even gone as far as sending a warning about Calvin to the ‘Shake It Off’ hitmaker through a mutual friend.

Another insider added previously: "Rita has become concerned that Taylor is headed for yet another heartbreak. She passed a message to Taylor through a mutual friend to give her a head’s up that while Calvin might be the most wonderful boyfriend at first, showering his partners with flowers, presents, and nonstop affection, he eventually turns as cold as ice for no reason.

"Rita knows Taylor has been through the ringer with so many high profile names and she just wants Taylor to be better informed about what she could be up for."

Michelle Rodriguez ‘obsessed’ with caviar

Michelle Rodriguez is reportedly "obsessed" with caviar and regularly spends $700 on the dish.

The ‘Fast and Furious’ star reportedly can’t get enough of the delectable dish – which is made from fish eggs – and regularly spends over $700 on two portions of the pricey delicacy.

A source shared to Us Weekly magazine: "It’s her favourite food.

"[She] asks to be seated tucked into a back corner and then gets one to two orders."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old actress previously revealed that she feels as though she "needs" fish and meat in her diet for sustenance.

She said previously: "I may not eat that much beef because it’s not something that’s prominent in my diet but I do eat a lot of free-range chicken. I eat lots of salads…

"The problem is I’m type-O and we’re meat eaters and it’s hard for me to feel like I’m regaining the sustenance that I need from the vegetables that I gravitate towards which is like broccoli, spinach – you know, every now and again I’ll eat beets; beets are great.

"(I) do the coconut water thing; it’s great for cleaning. But as far as sustenance goes, I feel like I need that protein – that fish or that chicken."

Selena Gomez’s roasting advice

Selena Gomez gave advice to comedian Jeff Ross on how best to roast her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The comedian has revealed he got tips from the ‘Boyfriend’ hitmaker’s ex-girlfriend ahead of his roast of the pop star for Comedy Central.

When asked if he researches dirt about the celebrities he roasts, Jeff told The Huffington Post newspaper: "I did actually, I even talked to Selena Gomez.

"I ran into her and asked her for advice on roasting the Biebs, and she said, ‘Tell the truth. That always worked for me.’"

The 22-year-old singer – who had been dating the 21-year-old pop star on and off for four years until they called it quits in October last year – was also the subject of a cruel joke during the roast.

In the show, Jeff said: "Selena Gomez wanted to be here but she’s dating men now.

"Is it true you dumped her because she grew a moustache before you? Selena Gomez had sex with [you]… proving Mexicans will do the disgusting jobs Americans just won’t do."

During the roast, Justin also took the opportunity to apologise for some of his behaviour over the last couple of years.

He said: "I lost some of my best qualities. I’m looking forward to being someone to be proud of.

"Someone close to me once said how you rise from a fall is how you are truly defined as a man."
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